Kenya R. Gary

Campus Apostle 


Grace & Peace,

Who am I? Apostle Kenya Renee’ Gary

What I Do? Campus Apostle to the Headquarter Church, Houston Tx.

I partner in the stewardship and functionality of our local house by way of governance of protocols, administration, development & overseeing of the local departments, pastoral staff and citizen cultivation. The keeper of our standards.

I also serve in the Global Reformation Leader within the Global Apostolic Council, Church plants and regional church assessment & governance.


What I’m burdened with & Who I am called to:

My eternal love is for GOD! My hearts burden is toward his people and those who have lost their identity in GOD. I’m burdened for those who have laid down and hidden, awaiting their day of resurrection!

I am the vessel used for their awakening! I am called to resurrect and activate sight.

My posture is to pour into pitchers that need filling. My decree is to demonstrate his divine dominion in the earth by the working of miracles, divine sight and prophecy. My breed are those who believe in the Act of discipleship and duplication,thus building BIG people who host the nature and perspective of GOD. My Covenant is in Christ! His sacrifice solidified my coming!! I SAY: GOD has No Rivals & No Equals. Neither Do I. Connect with me today.


 For the rest of my life, I’ll serve him,

Apostle Kenya R. Gary