Naomi R. Davis

Mother Apostle & General Overseer


Grace & Peace,

I’m Apostle Naomi Davis and I, grateful to have the opportunity to share a little bit about myself in hopes of connecting with you. First, I am the birth Morther of our Father and Founder Apostle Carnail Stokes. I’m also an entrepreneur holding a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work. I have an organization called PACE which is an 24- hour residential shelter for children ages 3-17 years old. I plan to open in the future followed by other businesses God has given me.

My burden for this time is to raise the daughters of Zion teaching them the ways of the Lord. I’m called to teach the next generation how to develop Godly character, Godly love, sanctification, and to grow into a mature christian with the ability to impart into another.

I’m called to women and the globe. I know by Gods anointing foreign countries will be changed and I will be the cause of it. I invite women from all over the globe to join me as we continue to build the kingdom of God. Let’s continue to strengthen women  and all mankind with the love of God.


More grace to you,


Mother Apostle Naomi R. Davis